From behind the camera...

During this lockdown I have been researching and developing different aspects of my photography from social media to editing skills. One thing I have missed is being able to go out exploring, working with different people and actually taking some photographs.

It is just myself and Scott in the house and he wasn't keen to be a model, so my first little project was a portrait session with my 5 month old kitten, Koda. Safe to say it was hard all he wanted to do was sniff the camera, eat and fight me for all the treats I had in my hand to get his attention. Although it was tough, I did get a couple of photographs that I will cherish and remember for ever.

After my session with Koda, I was back to the drawing board thinking of different ways I could still get out and take photographs. I recently seen a lot of photographers working on self portraits and some of them are really beautiful artistic portraits. This got me thinking, why don't I take on the challenge and create some photographs of me being the dancer instead of the photographer.

So I took the challenge on, although unlike all the other photographers, I couldn't do it on my own. I had my trusty assistant Scott to help me with this project. We basically found the location I wanted to use took my equipment down. I took a photograph of Scott to show him the composition and fixed all the camera settings for him so all he had to do was click the button to take the photograph.

The photograph I took of Scott first.

Here is a short behind the scenes to see how it went...

Lots of things went wrong during this shoot, 3 of my smoke bombs never worked the wire snapped out of them. When using the smoke, because I was too busy concentrating on getting the photographs, I jumped on so many jaggy nettles my feet were in agony afterwards. However, 220 shots later we got some amazing results once we looked at them on my laptop and edited them.

Just check out the results!

This experience of being in front of the camera was strange, especially working with Scott who isn't confident with the camera. I was constantly running back and forth to check the angle, the focus and also check my technique (most important of all.)

I had so much fun dancing with the smoke, it was great to just improvise and move it about then looking back at the photographs to see the shapes I had created. I can't wait to be back out creating and working with lots of talented performers!

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