Garage to Studio

Here is a little update on my garage to photography studio conversion.

When Scott and I first looked (yes looked, not bought. Dream big!) at the house we now live in back in January 2019, we said 'this garage would be perfect as your first photography studio.'

Flash forward 2 years and here we are, well into the hard work of converting the garage to my very first photography studio. Not on our own of course, with the help family and friends they are helping create a big dream of mine into a reality!

Here are some of the before and during photographs.

The first picture from the house brochure for when we first looked at the house.

Now it's time to look inside!

Before it looked like the workshop above our garage was filled with bikes, paint pots, wood for our fire and other things you find in a typical junk filled garage! You can spot the studio door lying on it's side on the right hand side of the photo and on the left you can see the lines that were being cut for the door to fit in. SO EXCITING!

The space for the door was cut, looks easier than what it was! In the photograph above is half the studio door, there are two small doors instead of one big door which will be great in the summer for letting air in if it gets too hot during photo sessions.

The door that fills the hole in the wall! How good does it look? I can't wait to welcome you all into my studio through this door to show you all my final studio when it is all complete! But back to the conversion and the messy work.

The next step, the roof! We put a metal roof on top of the felt roof for extra protection and insulation, also just to make it look better! A decent roof will ensure the studio is nice and warm and will also prevent the rain or any dampness the studio too.

Now the inside, the most important section of the studio and the toughest job of them all!

The window from the outside and from the inside, of course needs all cleaned up and both sides need painted.

The walls were brick and bare which we originally wanted to leave in and just board up the wall at the window and the original garage door but after much thought and leaving the studio for a few days during the winter we decided to just board all of the walls up so none of the original walls were exposed. This was due to the walls absorbing moisture creating condensation on the walls and some moisture which would in turn create dampness in the studio and we wouldn't want that and it would just be constantly needing fixed. Firstly, we insulated the ceiling and the garage door with thick insulation so no heat is escaping through it.

Next we have put a moisture protection sheets all around the studio walls behind the wooden batons to of course protect the studio from moisture. The garage door is now fully insulated and ready to have the plaster board put up.

The next stage is where I got to get involved in the DIY and of course there was lots of selfies and photographs to document me in my workie outfit! I love DIY, I can't wait to go in and paint the studio to make it my own. Hopefully will have a video of the transformation once it is all plastered.

The work we were actually doing, so much insulation the studio is going to be so toasty!

There is so much space in the studio!

During my DIY session we also done some planning of where things are doing to be like plug sockets, lights, shooting area and where the backdrops are going to hang. It was great to be able to visual the space and finally see it come together to see how much space we will actually have.

Now to cover all the behind the scenes work and board it all up which is the latest bit of the studio to make it actually look like a studio!

We put another moisture protection sheet over the insulation just to be extra protected. But how great do these walls look. It creates such a difference having the walls in the studio as it allows for me to visualise the end product and what the studio will actually look like. We also have part of the ceiling done now.

It looks so good, I'm so pleased with the outcome of the studio so far and I can't wait to share the final product with you once it is all complete. This was just a quick blog to show you all an update of the progress as I know I have been posting little previews but this is a complete run down of what we have done so far.

I am so grateful for my family and friends who have been helping me during this journey, I wouldn't be where I am or be able to create my own studio without them!

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