The photographer behind the camera.

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know I'm Alexandra, a Glasgow based photographer who specialises in dance, headshots and theatre photography. The questions I get asked most about myself are, 'Did you used to be a dancer?' and 'Why dance photography?'

Well, for some of you who may not know I have danced my whole life and still dancing to this day. Another passion of mine growing up was photography, whether it be taking photographs on holiday or with my friends in the park, I was always snapping away.

This is where two passions, became one. My dance training began when I was 4 and attended dance class at the sports and fitness club where my parents were members.

Yes, thats me in my element, dance show times!

I was there until the age 10 when I changed dance schools and starting attending Jazz Art UK, where I stayed until I completed my HNC at the age of 17.

During my year of full time dance studying my HNC, my hobby grew more into a passion and even though I knew I didn't want to pursue a career as a dancer I wanted to incorporate dance into my career somehow. So at the same time, I attended photography night classes, to start my photography journey. This was one of the best things I have done as it allowed me to explore photography further and this is where I found my passion for photography.

One of my first dance photographs.

I continued my photography journey by completing my HND at City of Glasgow College and then achieved my BA (Hons) at Edinburgh Napier University. Throughout my studies I still managed to find ways of including dance in my life, I joined the Uni cheer team and even now I am still dancing as part of the Scottish Rockettes.

During my photo sessions I love to encourage dancers, while providing small critiques to improve their pose. As we all know confidence is key in being the best dancer that you can be. With my understanding of dance combined with my ability to predict a dancer's movement , I am able to freeze the pinnacle moment of the dancers action capturing this special moment in time that sometimes the untrained eye may miss.

Focusing on creating unique photographs that will stand out from the crowd each photo session is unique to the dancer, ensuring that each dancer is shown at their absolute best!

Being a dancer enables me to demonstrate the moves and poses so that you as the dancer understand the way in which your body should move, and allows me to tailor the movement to the dancer.

Throughout my dance photography career, so far, I have worked with so many amazing dancers and dance brands such as Ilogear in Miami, Eden Dancewear in London and Cirkis Dancewear in Glasgow. Here are some photographs from these sessions that you may already recognise!

I can't wait to continue working with all of the talented dancers and dance wear brands in the UK and across the Globe.

I love my job as a dance photographer!

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